I’m thrilled to announce that, as of 11:20 EDT, July 15, 2017, the SNH48 Live channel has accumulated one thousand subscribers. A pretty significant milestone. 1000 subscribers and 108k+ views in 115 days.

Also, the channel now shows up on the first page when you search for SNH48 on YouTube:

My video on the first page of search results for “SNH48”.

The channel is listed under popular channels within the SNH48 topic as well:

My channel among “Popular Channels” within the SNH48 topic.

The full page screenshots are here and here.

Of course, the channel’s influence is still miniscule compared to some of the other channels listed in the screenshot above, and I’ll probably never reach the same level of success, since Theater performances simply do not attract the same amount of attention as major television appearances — not even close actually, and my three-hour long VODs simply can’t compete with short videos in terms of average percentaged viewed — an important metric in YouTube’s ranking algorithms. However, I’m quite happy with where I am four months later. I’ll continue striving to be as consistent and professional as possible, and apparently it does pay off.

I want to thank everyone who supported the channel, and hopefully I’ll be motivated enough to see it through to 2k and beyond.